Stuff I Used


  • Projector - Keystone (K-401) Dual 8mm/Super8 Projector (circa 1960s)

  • Converter: Wolverine File2Digital Movie Maker (8/Super8) Digitizer

  • Screen: Good old 'Portable' Home Movie Screen (Radiant)


  • Mac iMovie works best for editing, conversion & basic enhancement

  • Google Sites/Drive for Website (may require additional storage)

  • Mpeg-4 Format (MP4) to widely share with others


  • Patience! This is a Long/Slow process. A winter project for me.

  • Reserve! Preview w/ a projector. Many movies may not be worth it!

    • Cleaning/Enhancing takes a lot of work - Settle for small clips

    • How to best share with family/friends? Website? Email? Thumbdrive?

Projector & Converter

Rewinder: Hanger Bolt + Nylon Bushing

Stuff in Action

Conversion: Painfully slow!

Rewind: Remarkably faster!