Videos are viewable by invitation only. You should see a video folder (or two), typically organized by decade.

Click on a folder for list of associated videos. Use back arrow in upper left or browser 'back' button to return to folder list. Toggle between list & grid view (icon in upper right)to see full movie titles.

Everyone should also be able to Download a copy using icon in upper right. If you are logged in with gmail account, you may also be able to leave comments and/or copy movie to your google drive. Videos are in MP4 format. Tom P can enhance (brighten, sharpen, even stabilize if camera was shaking during filming) ... BUT ... it's very time consuming. Send him a note if you see one worth cleanup!

If you don't see videos or have trouble with playback try a Private Browser Window. If you struggle, drop Tom P a note he'll figure out how to let you in!